Silenced Only by the Dawn by Merry Baker Langlinais

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Lingering remnants of poverty and the social curse brought on by the Civil War marked the lives of Addie and her carpenter. The lives of Addie and John were bound into the motives, attitudes and circumstances of their place in time in a growing nation; unknowingly he carried a time bomb that would eventually bring about his demise.

This historical account tells of them leaving a comfortable home in south central Texas in 1904 to embark on a 1,000 mile trek to the high country of New Mexico. Traveling alone in a single wagon with eight headstrong children and 400 goats, they risked their future for what seemed a glorious opportunity in the West only to find prosperity would elude them once more. Returning to "God's Country", amazing resilience, courage, pleasure in small things and close family ties carried Addie forward; her carpenter was not so fortunate. If she knew the demon of his demise her desire to keep it private severed the path to understanding.

To glimpse the grounding faith that built their characters, Merry first leads the reader through the window of time to trace the lives of the Doughty and Prickett families, touching briefly on their place in the history of our nation, settling in the East, through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the opening of lands in Indian Territory, to finally making a home in the Hill country of Texas in the late 1800s.

Addie and her carpenter came from good stock, generations of religious, responsible citizens. That did not prevent them from being affected by the public health issue that plagued our nation for decades after the Civil War. One slip off the path of intregrity, made so long ago, brought devastation to their family.

Strength to deal with today's issues can be drawn from the irrepressible spirit of Addie; she was the embodiment of fortitude and determination; amazingly she left a trail of joyfulness behind! She player her piano, sang the old Baptist hymns, and kept her children close.